Invited Speakers

List of Invited Speakers


1. Radio and X-ray diagnostic of the generation of high energetic electrons in the corona

Eduard KontarX-ray and radio diagnostics of high energetic electrons  in the corona.

Nicole Vilmer : Radio Diagnostics of Solar Flare Escaping Electrons.


2. Beam plasma interaction and generation of Langmuir waves in the IP medium : latest theories and observations

Donald MelroseType III burst in the IP medium: What have we learnt  in the past 40 years?


3. Radio waves generation, propagation and direction-finding : latest theories and observations

Vladimir Krasnosselskikh : Type III solar radiobursts: our current understanding and open questions


4. Dust observed by STEREO & WIND

Nicole Meyer-Vernet : Dust in the solar wind: how much, how small, where from, what about, and so what?


5. Open session (including preparation for Solar Orbiter & Solar Probe Plus)

Tim BastianSolar Ground Based Radio Instrumentation in the Coming Decade


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